Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Morning everyone, Let me know in the comments how you all are?. Today i want to talk about shaving for girl, I dont quite understand why girls have so much hair, some people in different countrys dont have any hair at all on the body only the hair of the head. Im not one of those lucky girls. Im the one with hair everywhere and i have to try and get rid of it without people notising that i look like a man. As i have gotten older things have got slightly worse for me but i will keep trying to cope with it.

I have tried laser removal and that hasn't worked, i have tried waxing and it just hurts, so the only reasonable option for me had been plucking and Shaving. Its a short term solution but that is what i shall have to cope with for the rest of my life. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

November Goals

November is the month to start taking control and to start living, i can talk the talk but i cant actually make myself do t and to me that is what you call disappointing your whole family, i have alot of things that i want to accomplish this month but as per usual im proberly gonna fail badly. I have a lot of things that i want to do but my brain stops me and nobody cant see that, it is the most powerful part in your body and it can be debilitating if it is controling you. 
I dont know exactly how i am gonna get over this but i will. I now need money very badly, what are the lengths would you go through if you needed money bad. 

I want to get a job at a clothes shop so i have to find the courage to go in and very desperately ask for a job and refuse the answer no. How do you do that? I would ofer to start straight away and do a few days voluntary so i get some experience under my pelt and do such a good job that they cant say no to me cause i would be there greatest asset! Then work as much as i can to get money for Christmas and get everyone pressies, but to be successful and do what i want to do, i have to work hard at my job for money then i would have to make videos in my spare time and blogs after work and make time for my boyfriend and friends. When you put it in a paragraph like this, it sounds like a big challenge, blogging and video making takes a lot of effort but you cant blog about nothing, you have to put money into doing something so you can post about it.

It would be fun if i was already getting money from this but i dont have that many viewers and that is cause i dont do it regular, but i keep trying and i will try and one day, i will have enough people to talk to instead of talkking to myself.

My weight has become an issue for me again and i need to stop eating food like i do, i now i have devised a plan so that everything i do i shall be righting down what i do and what i eat and what i feel. make put a weeks worth into a blog post if i keep it up! I wish i could go raw till 4 vegan cause i thing i would be able to do it, when i eventually get my own place that is what i shall do and they will be no temptation and if i go off the wagon it will be all my fault. My ideal weight for me is 140lbs/10 Stone. One day i shall get there and rove everyone wrong, watch this space. Xx   

Autumn Leaves Makeup Look

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all having a good day. Today i have for you a little look for the Autumn time and it reminds me of the colour of the leaves that fall to the ground at one point or another. 

Here is the picture of the finished look and then i will tell you how i did it. make sure to stay tuned.

Things I Used...

Colour 1 :Matte Brown from Technic Palette.
Colour 2 :Gun Metal from Urban Decay Naked Palette.
Colour 3 :Half Backed from Naked Palette.
Colour 4 :Buck from Naked Palette.
Colour 5 :Virgin from Naked palette.
Eye Liner :Felt Tip Pen from Collection, Thick Eye Crayon from Barry M, Water Proof Gel Liner from Rimmel London in colour Black 001.
Mascara in the colour Black Brown from Natural collection 
True Match Foundation by Loreal Paris in the colour Rosy Ivory.
Pressed Powder From Natural Collection in the colour Neutral.
Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzing Powder for Contour.

Step One. I start with my eyes because i always end up getting some fallout. So i take my first colour and put it in my crease but not all the way into the inner eye just into the center.  
As i do for every shadow i pack on the colour with a dense brush then i blend it out with a blender brush.

Step Two. I take the second colour and put it on top of the crease colour but keep the shade on the outer side of my eye just to make the corner look even more darker. 

Step Three. I take colour number 3 and put it on most of my lids but still keeping the focus point on the center of my eye. 

Step Four. I put the same colour on the center of my eye lid to make the colour stand out more.

Step Five. I take colour number 4 and put it in the inner hollow part of eye to give that bit more demention using a blender brush.

Step Six. Then i take a colour number 5 which is the lightest shade i could find and i went ahead and put that just on my brow bone to give my eyes a lift and to make them look more awake.

Step Seven. Now that my eye shadow is done, i can go ahead and apply my eye liner. This is where i use a mix of Gel and Pen liner because as most girls, i have trouble getting my wings perfect so i use the Pen to line the eye. This time i went right into the corner of my eye. Then i use the Gel to create the wing as i feel for me it makes it more precise. Then when i am done i go over with the Pen to make the wing stand out a bit more. And luckily enough, that was the first time i got both wings right first time! Hehe.

Step Eight. I use a Pencil liner to do my water line and my tight line.(I dont know about you but when i do my tight line it really hurts and makes me cry. Not sure if i am doing it right but it looks good right?)

Step Nine. Next is the foundation, there are always debate going on, whether you should put it on before or after. I normally do this first but today i wanted a change so i put it on after the shadow. I put a bit on the back of my hand then i dot it all over my face so it is even. Then i use a buffing brush to blend it all in. Dont forget the neck and your ears if you re gonna have your hair up. 

Step Ten. I set my foundation with a powder using a multi task brush. 

Step Eleven. I now contour my face using a bronzer, and the one i am using has lasted for ever and i haven't hit pan yet! I apply that on my face using a kobookki brush and i put it just below my cheek bones and on the two highest points of my forehead and all around my neck because if you put it on your neck it gives the appearance of a thinner neck. 

Step Twelve. I put a dark red lip on as it is Autumn.
Step Thirteen. I take my hair down and it is naturally wavy. 

And that is how i did that. If you want to see any particular look then let me know in the comments so i can do it for you. hope you enjoyed this blog and i will see you tomoz with another one! 

Love you Xx            


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Living With Parents

Not much has been going on with me at the moment. Well i have got a new boyfriend and he is the cutest ever. But that is about all.

Today i am gonna be taking about living with parents. Now at the moment i am 20 and i think time is going to go really quick from now on so i have to start thinking about when i am gonna move out and get my own place. The thing is i don't have any money at all, I am struggling to get into work and i really dont want to go on job seekers, just thinking about it right now makes me feel sick and my anxiety levels go sky high. 

My mum isnt gonna be around for ever and i need to find a good way to get money and not get bored of what i do cause i dont want to be stuck doing the same thing for the rest of my life and not like it. Thats just not living. 

There are lots of pro and cons to living with you parents and here it is.

* You get to see your parents all the time.
* You only have to pay low rates to stay in the house.
* You get to mess around with your siblings if you have any. 
* Food magically appears in your fridge.
* You dont have to do all the cleaning for your self.

* Siblings that you dont like take the piss out of you all the time for being better than you.
* Parents nag at you for not doing no work in the house even though you hover the floors and wash your own clothes.
* The food that does turn up is food that you dont want to eat and is bad for you and you cant eat it, but you have to as there is nothing else to eat. 
* You have no control over how the house may look.
* Siblings make it even messier when you have just made it all clean and sparkly! 

So yeah, pros and cons all the way round but i have to stay cause i cause affort a flat to myself. I just have to keep wishing that one day i will get what i want and i will be living just happy on my own then i can get my own healthy food and lose this extra weight i have! Haha 

It will happen one day i Promise you all! :) 

Thanks for reading, dont forget to leave a comment down below about your thoughts of living with your parents and stay tuned for tomorrow for more Zobo talking! 

Speak soon! :) Xx   

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

This Week Of Adventures

This weeks of adventures is gonna be fun, I have planned to meet a guy and he is quite lovely. We plan to get to the cinema on Tuesday then if it all goes well we might go to Great yarmouth... I dont think i spelt that right. haha I will have to write about what actually happened. 

To be honest i dont like meeting new people cause i dont know what they are thinking of me. I have a lot of social anxiety about it all but i just have to suck it up and try to be my crazy self. When i get nervous i always end up laughing for no reason! Its just how i deal with awkward situation. 


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sorry about the distances, Being ill. Xx

Well hello there. Hope you are well and i know it have heen a hell of a long time for me not being on here. i don't really have any reason apart from me not being myself. 

My mind has been pushing me to the limits and i have been finding it hard to resist. This must be sounding ridiculous to you but its just what i am thinking and im not quite sure how to stop it.

I have been to the doctors and they have put me on meds but that didnt work, i went to see a specialist and he said it is just a low mood. I dont trust him cause i have had this since i have been in high school so how come it can be a LOW MOOD when i still fucking suffer from it. I know it is gonna be with me for a while but if i have to deal with it forever, i dont want to live like this. 

So i have now gone into shut down mode and it has been a month now. I am in trouble with my mum because i haven't been going to the job center. I wasn't even looking for a job anyway, so i was basically cheating the system anyways. I dont know how to tell her that i dont want a job because i dont feel capable of it. The job i do feel capable of is doing youtube and this because i am my own boss and i get to do what i want. I take everything to heart and if i am in my room no one can hurt me apart from people online but i tend not to listen to them and block them. 

I dont have many subscriber to make it into a job yet though. still working on that one.

But speaking about the now i am ILL and it is not very nice. My mum got ill first then it was me. It started off with a sore throat, then a million sneezes, then all night i felt really sick. By the morning i was actually sick. NOT nice at all. After i was sick i started to feel better but the sneezing and the blocked nose and the watery eyes were still there. That is about where i am on the illness point of view. Xx  

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Finding My Way Back to The Internet

Soo... Peeps it has been a couple of weeks since i have spoken on here. The only reason i can give you is that i lost my way in life and was digging a hole in the ground that i didnt think i could get out of, but the hole is starting to get smaller and i am managing to find my way out. 

I have made a lot of changes in my life that are meant to be for the better. I have been cleaning the house i live in and im trying to keep it in tip top condition, Also i have literally gotten too fat for my jeans so i have put myself on a sort of a diet? I saw this idea on Clothesencounters so i thought i would try it out. I have chosen to take a picture of everything i eat in an attempt to get my eating habits under control. The angle that i am coming from is that if i take a pic of ALL the food i eat and drink then I will concisely think or look to see if i have had it in a while, Plus because i am taking pics of everything i will want it to look prettier and more appeasing for me.

Here are my Rule for my new eating habits! 
  • One jug of tea in the morning and night.
  • Orange Juice during the day.
  • Chocolate once a week.
  • Lower my portion sizes
  • Take a pic of everything i Eat and Drink.
That is all, Wish me luck... Again! :) Xx 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Im a Slacker! :(

Hey Everyone just thought i would give you all a life update as i have a lot to say... AGAIN! Haha 

So i have managed to get myself a new camera with a viewfinder on it and i cant tell you how helpful that is to have. I can now start to get my angles right now and people just don't know how much joy that gives me. This week i am planning on getting new Editing software because Windows movies maker is just too simple for me now and i want to do more with my editing! Hopfully as well if have enough money i will get some train ticket to see my fiend as that would be another fun experience! And i miss her! 

Also at this current point in time i have 126 Subscribers which is mind boggling to me. I only have 3 friends in real life and to think that all of the people like what i do and watch what i put up just brings happy tears to my eyes. But now that i have gotten this far i have no limits as to how far i can go on YouTube. I really don't know what i am gonna do if i reach 1000 or 10,000! My family aint gonna believe a word i say! They cant understand why i have 100 let alone a big number like that! I would love it with all my heart if i could make this my full time job, because i have the entrepreneur thinking and i don't want to work for someone else, so i am gonna try everyday with all my heart to make this a perfect as possible. 

People always put me down saying i cant do that and i wont succeed but i will if i put all my effort into it and and my energy and all my time then it will... it has to. They say i am a dreamer and to live in the real world well i dont want to. I want to make my own reality. so dont you dare come to me and tell me i cant do something when anything is possible. 

Its okay to go left if it doesn't feel right!  

Oh god and a new series of My Mad Fat Diary's have come on and OMFG is that good. I thought it wouldn't be as good at the first because the first was amazing. But they have proved me wrong. I was squealing with excitement all the way through episode 1 and i watched episode 2 online last night and i did the same. I feel like some aspects of it is what i have done in the past. All i can say is keep up the great work. Rae is a true inspiration!    

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Natural Collection Pressed Powder Review

Here is my next installment of my natural collection review of the pressed powder! 
This is the top two of my favorite products from this collection. 

It looks like an average powder that has a clear top casing and i haven't used any other powder because this is perfect for me. I had been using this in the color cool but when i went to boots to get another one all the other colors look the same to me so i decided to get the one with the coolest names and i chose Neutral. So i cant wait to use that after this one is all gone. 
To be honest i have never actually repurchased a product before, this is a first.
On the back of the label it says Reduces shine to get a matte finish to the skin. I believe this is true and i pack this on around my t-zone. It doesn't make me look cakey and it is just perfect. 

The only flaw that it has is that you doesn't come with any applicator such as a sponge or a brush. I have only used a sponge as i feel that if i use a brush it picks up more powder than i need and i go through it a lot quicker.   

That is all i think i have to say about this at the moment. The next review will be on Mascara so stay tuned for that! 

Lots of Love 

The Zobo Show 

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

YouTube Progress And Friends

Afternoon Boys and girls. How has your day been...?

The last couple of day for me have been the best ever and i cant believe how much support i have been receiving from the YouTube community. I feel so loved. :) I have gotten about 10 subscriber for two day running and people just don't know what that means to me. 
This week i have uploaded January faves.
 Then here is a teaser of tomoz video.
I have been improving my videos a lot and i feel that if i had a better editor then they would be even more better but i just cant afford that at this time. 
I am hoping by the end of the month to get another camera with a view finder and then my angles will be better cause i will be seeing what it all looks like!

Then i will be getting some tickets to go see my best friend and she wants to film the best friend tag with me so that will be really fun and a but weird cause i haven't really spoke in front of a camera with anyone but the funness will over power the nerves! 

Her name is Lea but the way, she has been the most excited and the most supportive out of everyone and i feel so happy to have her in my life. She wants to start making videos now which is really cool. I want to find a youtube friend as well. people get annoyed when i go on about it but Lea understands because she is soo into youtube as well. We alway used to see each other and now she has been in uni for the past 2 years and i have been left behind but that is okay. Im proper pround of her and we will be friends forever and ever, whereever we are in the world. 

Okay so i have decided to do the review stuff on Monday and Friday and on Wednesday i will do a personal blog so you can see what i am up to and stuff i need to get off my chest! 

As usual my links are gonna be below if you want to check out my other channels! But for now i will see you guys soon!

Lots of love 


The Zobo Show 


Monday, 3 February 2014

Natural Collection Foundation and Consealer Review

Happy Monday people? Are you okay? Today if you haven't seen already, this is a review on the natural collection foundation and concealer.
If you need more information on the brand itself, you can just go and check out my previous post. 

First i am going to talk about the foundation on the left side. It looks like a mini sample sized product in a squeeze tube. It has a good durable cap that hasn't leaked on me yet. It says on the front that it is a color foundation and i think the reason for that is they have a tinted moisturizer in there collection as well, that is probably in the same tube. So you might get confused if it didn't have the name in full view. In a bottle you get 40ML of product in side. On the back of the tube it says that it is a medium coverage and suitable for normal/combination skin. The color of the liquid foundation is Porcelain. 

From testing the product i feel that everything they have put on the tube is true but i feel that the name is wrong and the color is darker that what it says to be. Also you have to be careful not to put too much on as it starts to look a bit cakey and it has a strange smell from it that i cant pin point what it is.
It comes from boots and the price for this particular item is £1.99 and i will put the link for it here
The reason that i have this product is because i didn't really know how to use makeup as i got it at a very young age but it is a perfect starter foundation for tweens.  

Now for the concealer. The name of it is fair and i have been using this every day, sometimes on its own. It is perfect and i cant rave about it enough. The packaging is like a mascara bottle but the bottom is clear and has a white top on it. Inside it has a lip gloss like brush on it. The texture is more like liquid than cream. As it says on the bottle it is very easy to blend but i would recommend using a buffing brush to make it look flawless. The color is absolutely perfect for my skin tone but the down side to the product is that there is only 2 shades to chose from. I use it to cover spots and do my under eyes to make them look brighter. Also i have redness around my nose, chin and forehead so it is useful for that as well.
I am going to get another one as i have nearly used this one up and it is perfect for it you are having a natural day. I will link the product here and it is a bargain at £1.99    

Here are a couple more pictures, close up and swatches of both the products.

I hope you enjoyed my review, let me know what you think of the concealer and foundation? 

I will Also leave my links down below. 

Lots of Love 

The Zobo Show



Friday, 31 January 2014

A Fresh New Month

I think i am a bit late to jump on the band wagon for new years resolutions. I know i might have made some but i never put in my heart to try and complete them.

I have been reading day by day Demi Lovato stay strong book and i have read the last page for this month and it has actually gave me some inspiration.

She said to write down 5 to 10 Things that you want to accomplish in the next month. I think there is a good logic in that. If you make year goals they are gonna take longer to complete and then you just end up getting bored because i have no results. So if you make your goal a month long, that gives you 30 day which isn't that long to complete and you might just stay inspired.

So i make a little goal Picture and it is on my desk top so i will see it all the time and maybe i might keep striving to become that. 

PS... I have just realise that i have spelt Febuary wrong. Soz i am dyslexic.

It Look very pretty so i wont get bored of looking at it.

Many people also put me down because i dream about things that wouldn't happen to an average person. To be honest that is the only thing that keeps me going in life thinking that one day something magical is gonna happen to me and that feeling just makes me feel so great.
"Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

If you Want to Know what is coming up on my youtube channel then below i will give you some topics that i am gonna be covering.
  • January Faves
  • Valantines Week
  • Naked Palette Looks 
  • Whats in my Bag Tag
  • Style Steals

So that is gonna be megga exciting This Month so you guys are just gonna have to stay tuned! 

Thanks for everyone that read what i have to say it means alot to me and i would love to here what you have to say. 

Do you own the demi Lovato book? 
What do you think of you so far?

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Lots of Love 

The Zobo Show 

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Natural Collection Brand Review

Hello People and welcome back to my Blog. Who ever is reading this, i am truly grateful. 

So today i have a Brand Review and i think i will also be doing individual Review on the product that i have. What is this brand do you ask? Natural Collection.

Natural Collection is a brand that is exclusive to Boots in the UK. The Prices range from as low as £1 - £3.75 Not including the Gift sets. The Brand not only does makeup, it also includes Shower Gels but i only stick with the makeup. It claim that it is Fragrance free and Dermatologically Tested.

The reason why i have most of the makeup collection is because it is dirt cheap and i don't have the money to go out and buy little items that cost £10-£40 Thats just no way in my price range. I also wanted something that would be good quality because i am allergic to really cheap, bad quality makeup and it effects my face a lot. 
I First started my Natural Collection Makeup because i was looking for a mascara that did not sting my eyes after a couple of hours of wearing it. My eyes are very sensitive. So i came across this brand and it looked very simple and with the word "NATURAL" In the name i thought it might be okay for me. Anything that is Natural must be good for you. So i bought the mascara and it was the best thing that i ever did. That is when i started to branch out to other products in the collection and as you can see in the picture above, its the most i have of one brand in my makeup collection. 

As far as the packaging goes it is very simple with the writing in the center which is a brownie color then in the background of the brand name is what i can only explain as some white petals on the top and bottom but if you don't understand what i am saying then just check the picture again. The rest of the package is mostly an off white color.

I completely recommend this product if you have sensitive skin or have trouble finding makeup that doesn't effect your skin. As it says, it is all natural. So if i was you i would give it a go. And it is really cheap for what you get for your money. 

Next up i will be doing an in depth review of the following products from the Natural Collection. 
  • Foundation and Concealer
  • Pressed Powder
  • Mascara
  • Lip Stick 
I really hope you enjoyed reading my review and i hope you come back for more in a couple of days time. See you all later...

Lots of Love


The Zobo Show

P.S Here are some links So i would love it if you would go check it out.

Monday, 27 January 2014

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Make Up Review?

I have been wondering what was gonna come of this blog as i don't have very many ideas but i have Discovered that i am started to get a passion of doing reviews. I like to do a lot of chatting and talking about things so i think this would be an great idea for me. 
But then again i have another conundrum of WHAT i am going to actually review. Now i don't buy new things all the time as i have no money. I looked around my room and thought to myself that i could do reviews on beauty product. I have a very up to date makeup collection with some interesting products.

Actually thinking about it now i have more ideas like films and TV series, recent clothes trends, books(But i don't read that many) and the list could go on couldn't it?

I know that i am not a professional and i haven't been into makeup for very long but that is what is so great about this. I am a beginner, so if i can make it work and look good, then surly you can.. Also i am a sort of person that want quick results, fast and i don't want it to take forever for it to be completed.  

I have made a list of question to answer as i have done my prep. Hehe All the things that i would want to know in an review and what sort of thing would keep me reading. 

Im not sure just yet what my first review is gonna be but i will tell you now. It WILL be a good one. 

I am just very determined to make this work. I will be putting a lot of energy into making my blog nice and keeping up my YouTube channel.

I hope you can come with me of this journey because this is what is making me happy most of all. 

Lots Of Love


The Zobo Show


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dreading Being 20! :(

Hello Again. How is every one doing?. I havent posted in a week or too and that is just because i dont think i have had anything to talk about or anything that you would be interested in reading. But i have found a couple of thngs so i will get to it. 

Sorry if i have spoke about these topics again as i cant be bothered to look through what i previouly have written. 

Soo here it goes. 

I think i have been on a downer for a couple of weeks. Maybe that is the reason why i havent been blogging but the main explanation for being sad is that i don't want to turn 20. It never really bothered me until the start of December 2013 and i started thinking about next year. IM NOT GONNA BE A TEEN ANYMORE! I don't know about you but i don't want to grow up and be an adult. Because that means that i have to ACT like one. I'm just not ready for that. Also another part of it is that i have literally gotten no way with my life. I have no job, no money, no flat, no partner, basically no friends. This, i think is how the rest of my life is gonna go which i don't want.

Also in my last post i got into the law of attraction which is a very interesting concept. I totally engulfed myself in it and tried to get in touch with my spiritual side as i didn't have none. I tried to do some meditation which i only done once so i am gonna have to get back into that as it was quite relaxing and fun thinking about your goals that you want. 
I have just decided right now as a mini goal to do meditation at least twice a week and its not like i have anything better to do anyway and the fact that it makes me feel good is a plus side.

I was meant to do this particular thing at the start of the month but i just hate going there and if i had a choice to either go there or jump of a bridge then i would defo one hundred percent JUMP! Your proberly thinking what is worst then jumping off a bridge.. Job Center.

The Job Center on its own needs a whole paragraph to itself. Its a pretty shitty place and i didnt want to ever return to that building unless i was dieing but you know i have the baddest luck in the world and i always pick really bad job that i cant handle that have nasty people working there. No wonder i got the jobs i did have in the past. I finally plucked up the rest of my self confidence off of the floor and i applied online. Then they said they would call in the next couple of days. As for me it was the next day, early morning which i can never do and i had to ring them back. Keeping in mind people that i am terrified of the telephone,(It is on you top two fears)also this is where the teeny tiny bit left over from destroying myself through the online application where it got worse. I couldn't get through to the right people so in the end i had to get mum to do it for me which doesnt make me look like a very good adult!! So now i have an appointment at 2 on Monday which i am dreading but it has to be done. Can i just say as well that it always reaks of drugs and weird people hang around outside like they are gonna mug you or something. So best not to wear your newest clothes if you have to "Sign On" As it were. 

Now on to a more positive topic, i have been clearing out my room. I had to swap my bookcase and clothes rail around because one of the corners of my room where the rails were. It has a tendency to get damp and moldy quick so eventually it got up the wall so far that it was effecting my clothes and they had developed some mold on them. Only a few items had some on and i am gonna see if it come out in the wash as it doent look very deep.(Still talking about the moldage) People say that mold never comes out of clothes but its not gonna stop me from trying. 
I had to use this mold remover spray thing and OMG Was that strong. My pupils were big as hell and i think i got high on that stuff. Not gonna lie it did do the job so i cant complain really. I still have another corner to do and my window but then it will be all out for the mean time. You can really stop mold from coming back you just have to deal with it. 

So this is what you call me procrastinating because i still have to tidy up other corners and organize but its just so hard to get my butt into gear these days. I will do it after i finish this and after i have had a cup of tea and after i have had something to eat. YEP... This is how i roll! Haha

I think i have made this a pretty long entry so i will leave it hear. Who know when i will be back for another round of writing. 

Wee Shall All Seeeee

Love you all

The Zobo Show


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Law Of Attraction : The Secret!

Knowing The Secret, I am spoiled for choice in what I can and cant do!It has sort of been amazing to me already. All you have to do is truly Believe that something is gonna happen and your energy will make it happen. 

Not many people REALLY believe in this and all of them are doing well for themselves. So it is such an amazing thing if you put all your energy into believing, then you WILL Succeed. 

I watch a program called The Secret and it has really changed my life. I cried because all of the information i was getting was so overwhelming to me. 

I honesty believe that my life is gonna get better from now on. I have told my family about the concept but they dont understand how it works... but i do. So when i do well for myself they are gonna wonder why and this is what i am gonna say to them... 

The Law Of Attraction!


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tartan! ;)

I never really used to like Tartan and stuff like that. I always associated it with Scotland and being a tradition. I never thought it would or could be a fashion piece. 

The fabric doesnt just come in a weird hat or kilt which i thought it did. I decided to do the wacky thing of getting some tartan legging because i wear patterned legging all the time and to me, Leggings are a wardrobe essential. 

I have also got a tartan shirt But i think it is classed as Plaid or something but it has the red and black feature to it. 
Im Proberly gonna do a how to style video on my YouTube channel because there aint that many video that are informative about it or show you how to work it because i feel that it can be a tricky piece to put together in an outfit so watch out for that.

I should have taken a pic of them earlier but that didn't cross my mind. Need to get into taking more pics. 

So make sure to keep an eye out for the tartan style video coming soon to my channel.

Ps. Sorry again for the lack of pictures. Will do better next time. 


Lots of Love 

The Zobo Show. <3 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy new year every one! How are you all doing. I hope you had an amazing christmas and a happy new year. 

Sorry about the super late post. But i am here and its gonna be nice to have a little chat again. 

I have Been recovering from a crappy new year but thats okay because there are plenty more to go.

Just a quick run through of my new years resolutions and they are to get my YouTube channel better than it is and also just to be happy with myself and my body.

Resently i have become a partner with You Generation and i dont know if that is gonna help me in any way but i hope it does. I want to be exploring new thing and meeting fresh faced people. 

 This is one of two of my new videos and i am pretty proud of both of them. 

Also i would like to point out that for my new years resolutions i always had on my list to "Lose Weight" But that one has always fails so i am hoping that if i am just happy with myself then the weight loss might come along with it but if it doesn't then i wont mind. 

I will be back soon lil ones!

Lots of love 


The Zobo Show