Sunday, 30 August 2015

Guys With Long Hair!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Emotional Weekend.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine wasn't the best, Iv done a lot of thinking, not good thinking bad thinking. Basically i had a discussion with someone close and they told me all the bad things that my sister had said to me and now i cant stop thinking about it and its made my mood even worse now. 

Now i feel i cant talk to anyone and nobody understands me. So im pretty much stuck in a rut at the min with nobody to help me out. 

On a plus side i got to see my god daughter and be with her all weekend! She is so cute and funny, and on Sunday night i was playing with her cat Tiger and safe to say he ripped my hand apart cause i let him play with my hair then as i was trying to get my hair out of his claws and he got a bit too playful! haha  So i have about 10 cuts on my right hand and they really hurt at the moment but they will heal. :) 

That s all for today, don't really have much else to say. speak soon,

Love you all and thanks for reading   


The Zobo Show 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Odd Day At The Hospital!

Hey guys, 
Today i have been to the hospital with my mum because she has a bad thumb and it has been that way for a while. So we signed in with the self service machine but they still didn't know we were there. Like what the heck is up with that. What is the point of having self service displayed if its not gonna be used, so we were sitting there for longer than planned. So we got there at 11:30AM and we actually got out at 2:00! That was a bit of a pain in the but. 


Hey, How are you all today? Its is Thursday 20th of August and the time is 2:43pm. I got up to feed the chicken as i am i looking after it for a friend. They have some plum trees so i took some from the tree, they said i could by the way. The weather is gloomy with a bit of sun. Today i feel very tired and lonley, i cleaned out my guinea pig Clive and i have watch all the youtube videos and programs i could find. 

But last night my brain flipped a switch and i am now laying around again feeling sad for myself, i have to go to the doctors soon cause i just cant control my mood on my own so people like me have to rely on pills but i have to wait for my mum to come back because last time i went on my own they didn't understand me and didn't help at all. I don't know if you know but i have PCOS and it basically plays hell on my period meaning i don't get them very often and because of fluctuating hormones my mood is up and down so if i get on the pill or something like that it could help me. There is also a chance i wont be able to have children which thinking about it kills me inside. 

But the reason why i need to get that sorted now is because i have been offered a job at a shop when there is a position available. And i have only been able to work for two months then i have some sort of mental breakdown and quit my job because i don't think i can handle it. But i don't want to quit this one, so i have to do everything i can before it all happens again. The only time that i want to quit is when i make it my career on YouTube and blogging, then i will quit properly.  

These are the things i keep telling myself for when i get a job   
  •  I can buy outfits for OOTD
  •  I can buy the latest makeup and do reviews 
  •  Movie reviews 
  •  Buy a new camera
  •  Interesting daily vlogs
I have been doing YouTube for 2 and half year now on and off so i want to make something of it. I always imagine what it would be like to be your own boss and do when ever you want. maybe this year or next year will be better. X