Monday, 17 October 2016

Juicy Planner Haul

Hello everyone, i am back and guess what... i have a new phone now so i can take lots of pics and make my blog a bit more interesting. Today i have a sticker haul/review for you. Its from a UK Etsy shop called Juicy planner. 

All of her stickers are on point, such good quality and it is my fave shop out of all the others i have bought from. The images are very modern and not dated at all. Out of all the them my fave one is the date night one... its just the cutest thing i have ever seen.
 And the other ones that i really like also is the birthday hedgehog which i forgot to include in the group photo.
 All the kiss cutting is done really well and i havent had a problem peeling with them yet. I will include the rest of the close up of the stickers but there was no problem with the delivery and all the stickers that i get are under £2. 

When i have some more money i will defo be ordering some more. Let me know in the comments which one you like and i will be back soon with another haul.

Thanks a bunch 

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016


So i have discovered the world of planning with stickers and i am truly addicted! Washi tape is AMAZING too! But my problem at the moment is that my planner is tiny and i cant be as creative as i want to in it cause there is so little splace. I think it is A6 size! I know tiny right!? I have plenty of things to show you but i havent got a phone so cant take pics till i have the phone! :) Which i should have ordered by now by the time this is posted. 

I will be showing off my planner every month on here and weekly on my instagram. I have also got into lettering to make my handwriting better. Might have to show you some of that soon. AGAIN just have to wait for my phone to come then i can be really active on here! I have a bigger planner for next year and it is beautiful size A5. 

Stickers are sooo cute. You can get unique one off of etsy for £2 or less and the P&P is £1! I love it so much. I get mine from sellers in the UK cause they come quicker, if you get them from the USA the P&P price goes up to £10 which i am not paying for. Thats one thing you have to look out for when buying stickers online. I have built up such a colection now its overload posessive! aha I also by stickers from shops to, Poundstrechers are cheep and cute, Asda and stationary shops. When i look for stickers i ask 3 questions in my head...

Are they cute stickers?
Are they Cheap for how much you get? 

Will i actually use them in my planner? 

If the answers are all yes then i go a head and buy them. (Obviously if i have the money of course!) But i really cant wait to present them to you all. They are too cute. 

I get my washi tape from Hobby craft. There tape is £2 but some times they have sales for £1. I literally die in the shop if i see any for cheap. My mum has to calm me down and i start squeekin! hehe. 

At the end of the day it just gives me something to do when i am at home instead of being on the computer all the time. 

I also like to plan what my future holds and lists of things that i want to accomplish. I have a whole list of things that i want to do in the next week month or year. It just keeps me motivated to do my best cause you know im trying to make my days productive and fun for all to see.(And for me aswell) haha

Speak soon 


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Sunday, 9 October 2016

So I Have Been Away For A While.

So I have been away for a while and have been thinking now for a while that i should come back and start chatting again. 

Alot has changed... I have a job and i have been there for about 4 month next week. There have been a lot of ups and downs for me but i am getting there. Its been the longest job that i have kept since being treated for depression so i am very proud of myself. I have managed to stable my emotions and all my thought are not making me want to expode, and sorry if this is TMI but i have my periods back too which is good. but also BAD! hahahhahaha 

Since i have got my emotions and working back on track i have started to concentrate on being me and treating myself better. I have started the gym and next week will be 4 weeks of me going. I never thought i would ever be consistance at going to the gym but i am paying for it so i want to make the most of it... and i dont want my money to be wasted! haha. I have decided to do weightlifting because i think i am a strong women and i want to improve on it, maybe in the next couple of post i will tell you my gym routine. I will tell you that i am tryng to go every day that i am not working and do cardio and then every other day i will do cardio and weightlifting. Havent seen much change on my body but i know that will take time when you are building muscles, But i do know that i have lost 3lbs so that must count for something. 

My next chalenge now is to sort my eating out so i can get better results. But it is a struggle because i dont have a bloody clue! I have to focus on making my potions smaller. But i dont know much after that! :D 

So that has what been going on and i am hoping that my new found love of fitness will make me want to write more about it. And other weird stuff i am into at the moment... (PLANER STICKERS!)  

At the moment i do have lots to say! haha Speak soon! 


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Monday, 24 August 2015

Emotional Weekend.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine wasn't the best, Iv done a lot of thinking, not good thinking bad thinking. Basically i had a discussion with someone close and they told me all the bad things that my sister had said to me and now i cant stop thinking about it and its made my mood even worse now. 

Now i feel i cant talk to anyone and nobody understands me. So im pretty much stuck in a rut at the min with nobody to help me out. 

On a plus side i got to see my god daughter and be with her all weekend! She is so cute and funny, and on Sunday night i was playing with her cat Tiger and safe to say he ripped my hand apart cause i let him play with my hair then as i was trying to get my hair out of his claws and he got a bit too playful! haha  So i have about 10 cuts on my right hand and they really hurt at the moment but they will heal. :) 

That s all for today, don't really have much else to say. speak soon,

Love you all and thanks for reading   


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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Odd Day At The Hospital!

Hey guys, 
Today i have been to the hospital with my mum because she has a bad thumb and it has been that way for a while. So we signed in with the self service machine but they still didn't know we were there. Like what the heck is up with that. What is the point of having self service displayed if its not gonna be used, so we were sitting there for longer than planned. So we got there at 11:30AM and we actually got out at 2:00! That was a bit of a pain in the but.