Monday, 17 October 2016

Juicy Planner Haul

Hello everyone, i am back and guess what... i have a new phone now so i can take lots of pics and make my blog a bit more interesting. Today i have a sticker haul/review for you. Its from a UK Etsy shop called Juicy planner. 

All of her stickers are on point, such good quality and it is my fave shop out of all the others i have bought from. The images are very modern and not dated at all. Out of all the them my fave one is the date night one... its just the cutest thing i have ever seen.
 And the other ones that i really like also is the birthday hedgehog which i forgot to include in the group photo.
 All the kiss cutting is done really well and i havent had a problem peeling with them yet. I will include the rest of the close up of the stickers but there was no problem with the delivery and all the stickers that i get are under £2. 

When i have some more money i will defo be ordering some more. Let me know in the comments which one you like and i will be back soon with another haul.

Thanks a bunch 

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