Friday, 21 February 2014

Im a Slacker! :(

Hey Everyone just thought i would give you all a life update as i have a lot to say... AGAIN! Haha 

So i have managed to get myself a new camera with a viewfinder on it and i cant tell you how helpful that is to have. I can now start to get my angles right now and people just don't know how much joy that gives me. This week i am planning on getting new Editing software because Windows movies maker is just too simple for me now and i want to do more with my editing! Hopfully as well if have enough money i will get some train ticket to see my fiend as that would be another fun experience! And i miss her! 

Also at this current point in time i have 126 Subscribers which is mind boggling to me. I only have 3 friends in real life and to think that all of the people like what i do and watch what i put up just brings happy tears to my eyes. But now that i have gotten this far i have no limits as to how far i can go on YouTube. I really don't know what i am gonna do if i reach 1000 or 10,000! My family aint gonna believe a word i say! They cant understand why i have 100 let alone a big number like that! I would love it with all my heart if i could make this my full time job, because i have the entrepreneur thinking and i don't want to work for someone else, so i am gonna try everyday with all my heart to make this a perfect as possible. 

People always put me down saying i cant do that and i wont succeed but i will if i put all my effort into it and and my energy and all my time then it will... it has to. They say i am a dreamer and to live in the real world well i dont want to. I want to make my own reality. so dont you dare come to me and tell me i cant do something when anything is possible. 

Its okay to go left if it doesn't feel right!  

Oh god and a new series of My Mad Fat Diary's have come on and OMFG is that good. I thought it wouldn't be as good at the first because the first was amazing. But they have proved me wrong. I was squealing with excitement all the way through episode 1 and i watched episode 2 online last night and i did the same. I feel like some aspects of it is what i have done in the past. All i can say is keep up the great work. Rae is a true inspiration!    

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Natural Collection Pressed Powder Review

Here is my next installment of my natural collection review of the pressed powder! 
This is the top two of my favorite products from this collection. 

It looks like an average powder that has a clear top casing and i haven't used any other powder because this is perfect for me. I had been using this in the color cool but when i went to boots to get another one all the other colors look the same to me so i decided to get the one with the coolest names and i chose Neutral. So i cant wait to use that after this one is all gone. 
To be honest i have never actually repurchased a product before, this is a first.
On the back of the label it says Reduces shine to get a matte finish to the skin. I believe this is true and i pack this on around my t-zone. It doesn't make me look cakey and it is just perfect. 

The only flaw that it has is that you doesn't come with any applicator such as a sponge or a brush. I have only used a sponge as i feel that if i use a brush it picks up more powder than i need and i go through it a lot quicker.   

That is all i think i have to say about this at the moment. The next review will be on Mascara so stay tuned for that! 

Lots of Love 

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

YouTube Progress And Friends

Afternoon Boys and girls. How has your day been...?

The last couple of day for me have been the best ever and i cant believe how much support i have been receiving from the YouTube community. I feel so loved. :) I have gotten about 10 subscriber for two day running and people just don't know what that means to me. 
This week i have uploaded January faves.
 Then here is a teaser of tomoz video.
I have been improving my videos a lot and i feel that if i had a better editor then they would be even more better but i just cant afford that at this time. 
I am hoping by the end of the month to get another camera with a view finder and then my angles will be better cause i will be seeing what it all looks like!

Then i will be getting some tickets to go see my best friend and she wants to film the best friend tag with me so that will be really fun and a but weird cause i haven't really spoke in front of a camera with anyone but the funness will over power the nerves! 

Her name is Lea but the way, she has been the most excited and the most supportive out of everyone and i feel so happy to have her in my life. She wants to start making videos now which is really cool. I want to find a youtube friend as well. people get annoyed when i go on about it but Lea understands because she is soo into youtube as well. We alway used to see each other and now she has been in uni for the past 2 years and i have been left behind but that is okay. Im proper pround of her and we will be friends forever and ever, whereever we are in the world. 

Okay so i have decided to do the review stuff on Monday and Friday and on Wednesday i will do a personal blog so you can see what i am up to and stuff i need to get off my chest! 

As usual my links are gonna be below if you want to check out my other channels! But for now i will see you guys soon!

Lots of love 


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Monday, 3 February 2014

Natural Collection Foundation and Consealer Review

Happy Monday people? Are you okay? Today if you haven't seen already, this is a review on the natural collection foundation and concealer.
If you need more information on the brand itself, you can just go and check out my previous post. 

First i am going to talk about the foundation on the left side. It looks like a mini sample sized product in a squeeze tube. It has a good durable cap that hasn't leaked on me yet. It says on the front that it is a color foundation and i think the reason for that is they have a tinted moisturizer in there collection as well, that is probably in the same tube. So you might get confused if it didn't have the name in full view. In a bottle you get 40ML of product in side. On the back of the tube it says that it is a medium coverage and suitable for normal/combination skin. The color of the liquid foundation is Porcelain. 

From testing the product i feel that everything they have put on the tube is true but i feel that the name is wrong and the color is darker that what it says to be. Also you have to be careful not to put too much on as it starts to look a bit cakey and it has a strange smell from it that i cant pin point what it is.
It comes from boots and the price for this particular item is £1.99 and i will put the link for it here
The reason that i have this product is because i didn't really know how to use makeup as i got it at a very young age but it is a perfect starter foundation for tweens.  

Now for the concealer. The name of it is fair and i have been using this every day, sometimes on its own. It is perfect and i cant rave about it enough. The packaging is like a mascara bottle but the bottom is clear and has a white top on it. Inside it has a lip gloss like brush on it. The texture is more like liquid than cream. As it says on the bottle it is very easy to blend but i would recommend using a buffing brush to make it look flawless. The color is absolutely perfect for my skin tone but the down side to the product is that there is only 2 shades to chose from. I use it to cover spots and do my under eyes to make them look brighter. Also i have redness around my nose, chin and forehead so it is useful for that as well.
I am going to get another one as i have nearly used this one up and it is perfect for it you are having a natural day. I will link the product here and it is a bargain at £1.99    

Here are a couple more pictures, close up and swatches of both the products.

I hope you enjoyed my review, let me know what you think of the concealer and foundation? 

I will Also leave my links down below. 

Lots of Love 

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