Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Natural Collection Pressed Powder Review

Here is my next installment of my natural collection review of the pressed powder! 
This is the top two of my favorite products from this collection. 

It looks like an average powder that has a clear top casing and i haven't used any other powder because this is perfect for me. I had been using this in the color cool but when i went to boots to get another one all the other colors look the same to me so i decided to get the one with the coolest names and i chose Neutral. So i cant wait to use that after this one is all gone. 
To be honest i have never actually repurchased a product before, this is a first.
On the back of the label it says Reduces shine to get a matte finish to the skin. I believe this is true and i pack this on around my t-zone. It doesn't make me look cakey and it is just perfect. 

The only flaw that it has is that you doesn't come with any applicator such as a sponge or a brush. I have only used a sponge as i feel that if i use a brush it picks up more powder than i need and i go through it a lot quicker.   

That is all i think i have to say about this at the moment. The next review will be on Mascara so stay tuned for that! 

Lots of Love 

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