Friday, 21 February 2014

Im a Slacker! :(

Hey Everyone just thought i would give you all a life update as i have a lot to say... AGAIN! Haha 

So i have managed to get myself a new camera with a viewfinder on it and i cant tell you how helpful that is to have. I can now start to get my angles right now and people just don't know how much joy that gives me. This week i am planning on getting new Editing software because Windows movies maker is just too simple for me now and i want to do more with my editing! Hopfully as well if have enough money i will get some train ticket to see my fiend as that would be another fun experience! And i miss her! 

Also at this current point in time i have 126 Subscribers which is mind boggling to me. I only have 3 friends in real life and to think that all of the people like what i do and watch what i put up just brings happy tears to my eyes. But now that i have gotten this far i have no limits as to how far i can go on YouTube. I really don't know what i am gonna do if i reach 1000 or 10,000! My family aint gonna believe a word i say! They cant understand why i have 100 let alone a big number like that! I would love it with all my heart if i could make this my full time job, because i have the entrepreneur thinking and i don't want to work for someone else, so i am gonna try everyday with all my heart to make this a perfect as possible. 

People always put me down saying i cant do that and i wont succeed but i will if i put all my effort into it and and my energy and all my time then it will... it has to. They say i am a dreamer and to live in the real world well i dont want to. I want to make my own reality. so dont you dare come to me and tell me i cant do something when anything is possible. 

Its okay to go left if it doesn't feel right!  

Oh god and a new series of My Mad Fat Diary's have come on and OMFG is that good. I thought it wouldn't be as good at the first because the first was amazing. But they have proved me wrong. I was squealing with excitement all the way through episode 1 and i watched episode 2 online last night and i did the same. I feel like some aspects of it is what i have done in the past. All i can say is keep up the great work. Rae is a true inspiration!    

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