Wednesday, 5 February 2014

YouTube Progress And Friends

Afternoon Boys and girls. How has your day been...?

The last couple of day for me have been the best ever and i cant believe how much support i have been receiving from the YouTube community. I feel so loved. :) I have gotten about 10 subscriber for two day running and people just don't know what that means to me. 
This week i have uploaded January faves.
 Then here is a teaser of tomoz video.
I have been improving my videos a lot and i feel that if i had a better editor then they would be even more better but i just cant afford that at this time. 
I am hoping by the end of the month to get another camera with a view finder and then my angles will be better cause i will be seeing what it all looks like!

Then i will be getting some tickets to go see my best friend and she wants to film the best friend tag with me so that will be really fun and a but weird cause i haven't really spoke in front of a camera with anyone but the funness will over power the nerves! 

Her name is Lea but the way, she has been the most excited and the most supportive out of everyone and i feel so happy to have her in my life. She wants to start making videos now which is really cool. I want to find a youtube friend as well. people get annoyed when i go on about it but Lea understands because she is soo into youtube as well. We alway used to see each other and now she has been in uni for the past 2 years and i have been left behind but that is okay. Im proper pround of her and we will be friends forever and ever, whereever we are in the world. 

Okay so i have decided to do the review stuff on Monday and Friday and on Wednesday i will do a personal blog so you can see what i am up to and stuff i need to get off my chest! 

As usual my links are gonna be below if you want to check out my other channels! But for now i will see you guys soon!

Lots of love 


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