Wednesday, 12 October 2016


So i have discovered the world of planning with stickers and i am truly addicted! Washi tape is AMAZING too! But my problem at the moment is that my planner is tiny and i cant be as creative as i want to in it cause there is so little splace. I think it is A6 size! I know tiny right!? I have plenty of things to show you but i havent got a phone so cant take pics till i have the phone! :) Which i should have ordered by now by the time this is posted. 

I will be showing off my planner every month on here and weekly on my instagram. I have also got into lettering to make my handwriting better. Might have to show you some of that soon. AGAIN just have to wait for my phone to come then i can be really active on here! I have a bigger planner for next year and it is beautiful size A5. 

Stickers are sooo cute. You can get unique one off of etsy for £2 or less and the P&P is £1! I love it so much. I get mine from sellers in the UK cause they come quicker, if you get them from the USA the P&P price goes up to £10 which i am not paying for. Thats one thing you have to look out for when buying stickers online. I have built up such a colection now its overload posessive! aha I also by stickers from shops to, Poundstrechers are cheep and cute, Asda and stationary shops. When i look for stickers i ask 3 questions in my head...

Are they cute stickers?
Are they Cheap for how much you get? 

Will i actually use them in my planner? 

If the answers are all yes then i go a head and buy them. (Obviously if i have the money of course!) But i really cant wait to present them to you all. They are too cute. 

I get my washi tape from Hobby craft. There tape is £2 but some times they have sales for £1. I literally die in the shop if i see any for cheap. My mum has to calm me down and i start squeekin! hehe. 

At the end of the day it just gives me something to do when i am at home instead of being on the computer all the time. 

I also like to plan what my future holds and lists of things that i want to accomplish. I have a whole list of things that i want to do in the next week month or year. It just keeps me motivated to do my best cause you know im trying to make my days productive and fun for all to see.(And for me aswell) haha

Speak soon 


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