Sunday, 9 October 2016

So I Have Been Away For A While.

So I have been away for a while and have been thinking now for a while that i should come back and start chatting again. 

Alot has changed... I have a job and i have been there for about 4 month next week. There have been a lot of ups and downs for me but i am getting there. Its been the longest job that i have kept since being treated for depression so i am very proud of myself. I have managed to stable my emotions and all my thought are not making me want to expode, and sorry if this is TMI but i have my periods back too which is good. but also BAD! hahahhahaha 

Since i have got my emotions and working back on track i have started to concentrate on being me and treating myself better. I have started the gym and next week will be 4 weeks of me going. I never thought i would ever be consistance at going to the gym but i am paying for it so i want to make the most of it... and i dont want my money to be wasted! haha. I have decided to do weightlifting because i think i am a strong women and i want to improve on it, maybe in the next couple of post i will tell you my gym routine. I will tell you that i am tryng to go every day that i am not working and do cardio and then every other day i will do cardio and weightlifting. Havent seen much change on my body but i know that will take time when you are building muscles, But i do know that i have lost 3lbs so that must count for something. 

My next chalenge now is to sort my eating out so i can get better results. But it is a struggle because i dont have a bloody clue! I have to focus on making my potions smaller. But i dont know much after that! :D 

So that has what been going on and i am hoping that my new found love of fitness will make me want to write more about it. And other weird stuff i am into at the moment... (PLANER STICKERS!)  

At the moment i do have lots to say! haha Speak soon! 


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