Monday, 24 August 2015

Emotional Weekend.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine wasn't the best, Iv done a lot of thinking, not good thinking bad thinking. Basically i had a discussion with someone close and they told me all the bad things that my sister had said to me and now i cant stop thinking about it and its made my mood even worse now. 

Now i feel i cant talk to anyone and nobody understands me. So im pretty much stuck in a rut at the min with nobody to help me out. 

On a plus side i got to see my god daughter and be with her all weekend! She is so cute and funny, and on Sunday night i was playing with her cat Tiger and safe to say he ripped my hand apart cause i let him play with my hair then as i was trying to get my hair out of his claws and he got a bit too playful! haha  So i have about 10 cuts on my right hand and they really hurt at the moment but they will heal. :) 

That s all for today, don't really have much else to say. speak soon,

Love you all and thanks for reading   


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