Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy new year every one! How are you all doing. I hope you had an amazing christmas and a happy new year. 

Sorry about the super late post. But i am here and its gonna be nice to have a little chat again. 

I have Been recovering from a crappy new year but thats okay because there are plenty more to go.

Just a quick run through of my new years resolutions and they are to get my YouTube channel better than it is and also just to be happy with myself and my body.

Resently i have become a partner with You Generation and i dont know if that is gonna help me in any way but i hope it does. I want to be exploring new thing and meeting fresh faced people. 

 This is one of two of my new videos and i am pretty proud of both of them. 

Also i would like to point out that for my new years resolutions i always had on my list to "Lose Weight" But that one has always fails so i am hoping that if i am just happy with myself then the weight loss might come along with it but if it doesn't then i wont mind. 

I will be back soon lil ones!

Lots of love 


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