Monday, 27 January 2014

Make Up Review?

I have been wondering what was gonna come of this blog as i don't have very many ideas but i have Discovered that i am started to get a passion of doing reviews. I like to do a lot of chatting and talking about things so i think this would be an great idea for me. 
But then again i have another conundrum of WHAT i am going to actually review. Now i don't buy new things all the time as i have no money. I looked around my room and thought to myself that i could do reviews on beauty product. I have a very up to date makeup collection with some interesting products.

Actually thinking about it now i have more ideas like films and TV series, recent clothes trends, books(But i don't read that many) and the list could go on couldn't it?

I know that i am not a professional and i haven't been into makeup for very long but that is what is so great about this. I am a beginner, so if i can make it work and look good, then surly you can.. Also i am a sort of person that want quick results, fast and i don't want it to take forever for it to be completed.  

I have made a list of question to answer as i have done my prep. Hehe All the things that i would want to know in an review and what sort of thing would keep me reading. 

Im not sure just yet what my first review is gonna be but i will tell you now. It WILL be a good one. 

I am just very determined to make this work. I will be putting a lot of energy into making my blog nice and keeping up my YouTube channel.

I hope you can come with me of this journey because this is what is making me happy most of all. 

Lots Of Love


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