Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Natural Collection Brand Review

Hello People and welcome back to my Blog. Who ever is reading this, i am truly grateful. 

So today i have a Brand Review and i think i will also be doing individual Review on the product that i have. What is this brand do you ask? Natural Collection.

Natural Collection is a brand that is exclusive to Boots in the UK. The Prices range from as low as £1 - £3.75 Not including the Gift sets. The Brand not only does makeup, it also includes Shower Gels but i only stick with the makeup. It claim that it is Fragrance free and Dermatologically Tested.

The reason why i have most of the makeup collection is because it is dirt cheap and i don't have the money to go out and buy little items that cost £10-£40 Thats just no way in my price range. I also wanted something that would be good quality because i am allergic to really cheap, bad quality makeup and it effects my face a lot. 
I First started my Natural Collection Makeup because i was looking for a mascara that did not sting my eyes after a couple of hours of wearing it. My eyes are very sensitive. So i came across this brand and it looked very simple and with the word "NATURAL" In the name i thought it might be okay for me. Anything that is Natural must be good for you. So i bought the mascara and it was the best thing that i ever did. That is when i started to branch out to other products in the collection and as you can see in the picture above, its the most i have of one brand in my makeup collection. 

As far as the packaging goes it is very simple with the writing in the center which is a brownie color then in the background of the brand name is what i can only explain as some white petals on the top and bottom but if you don't understand what i am saying then just check the picture again. The rest of the package is mostly an off white color.

I completely recommend this product if you have sensitive skin or have trouble finding makeup that doesn't effect your skin. As it says, it is all natural. So if i was you i would give it a go. And it is really cheap for what you get for your money. 

Next up i will be doing an in depth review of the following products from the Natural Collection. 
  • Foundation and Concealer
  • Pressed Powder
  • Mascara
  • Lip Stick 
I really hope you enjoyed reading my review and i hope you come back for more in a couple of days time. See you all later...

Lots of Love


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