Sunday, 26 October 2014

Living With Parents

Not much has been going on with me at the moment. Well i have got a new boyfriend and he is the cutest ever. But that is about all.

Today i am gonna be taking about living with parents. Now at the moment i am 20 and i think time is going to go really quick from now on so i have to start thinking about when i am gonna move out and get my own place. The thing is i don't have any money at all, I am struggling to get into work and i really dont want to go on job seekers, just thinking about it right now makes me feel sick and my anxiety levels go sky high. 

My mum isnt gonna be around for ever and i need to find a good way to get money and not get bored of what i do cause i dont want to be stuck doing the same thing for the rest of my life and not like it. Thats just not living. 

There are lots of pro and cons to living with you parents and here it is.

* You get to see your parents all the time.
* You only have to pay low rates to stay in the house.
* You get to mess around with your siblings if you have any. 
* Food magically appears in your fridge.
* You dont have to do all the cleaning for your self.

* Siblings that you dont like take the piss out of you all the time for being better than you.
* Parents nag at you for not doing no work in the house even though you hover the floors and wash your own clothes.
* The food that does turn up is food that you dont want to eat and is bad for you and you cant eat it, but you have to as there is nothing else to eat. 
* You have no control over how the house may look.
* Siblings make it even messier when you have just made it all clean and sparkly! 

So yeah, pros and cons all the way round but i have to stay cause i cause affort a flat to myself. I just have to keep wishing that one day i will get what i want and i will be living just happy on my own then i can get my own healthy food and lose this extra weight i have! Haha 

It will happen one day i Promise you all! :) 

Thanks for reading, dont forget to leave a comment down below about your thoughts of living with your parents and stay tuned for tomorrow for more Zobo talking! 

Speak soon! :) Xx