Monday, 1 June 2015

Its A Vlogging Month! :) Xx

Helloo pretty people! How are you all today? 

I feel like this is where my summer begins and im feeling really good about JUNE! I have already made some lifestyle changes and it has been a week or two.
  • I am drinking more water around 1.5L+ everyday and i have cut out my tea because because everyone keeps saying that its the problem that is making me "FAT" But at the moment i haven't seen any change. My friend lea says my skin is getting clearer but i don't see a difference yet.
  • I have become a Half Vegan if that even counts, I pretty much eat raw till 4 at home but ever other day i go to my boyfriends house for the evening and he cooks and hes not a vegan so i have to have what he has basically, maaybe i will one day fine the guts but if we don't eat together, we pretty much wont be doing hardly anything together so im not quite ready for that change yet.
  • Need to start exercising and going for walks/bike rides on my own but baby steps at the min.  
  • I have started growing my nails again, just to prove my boyfriend wrong!
Not very many but they are pretty important things. My friend Lea is back from UNI and its like i have my comfort blanket back, i missed her soo bad and i am happy she is round the corner from me again. She makes me feel really confident and positive. I love that girl she is the best est friend a girl can have and i am determined to make this summer a good one. 

  • Make some money.
  • Start stepping out of my comfort zone that i have been in for a year now.  
  • Start exercising like running, walking, basket-balling, biking.
  • Keep up with the vlogging and posting just like i keep up with the Kardashians! haha 
  • Be a better girlfriend.
  • Sort out the inside and the outside of my head.
I have to go wash my hair now so that is all i shall write today, hopefully i will be back with another post next Monday but until then, have a great week and be the best you can be! 

Love you all lots!

Zoe Adams 
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