Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Big FAT Fail!

Hey friends! How are you all doing? 

Today i though i was gonna come to you with some good new like i am still a vegan and excersise is going well and stuff like that but guess what? My mood has got the better of me and i have failed at everything. Its properly not good to start a blog like this but its sooo normal to me now days and i feel horrible for it. 

Things That Have Gone Wrong This Week>>>
  • I am a terrible vegan and have found that if i cant get the food myself, i have to suffer and probs starve myself or have what my mum gives me. Maybe i should wait till i do have my own money so i can get myself the fruit i like to eat.
  •  I have opened a can of tin milk and thats not vegan either, but i have decided to have a can every couple of weeks instead of 4 cans a week.
  • I haven't exercised very much proberly because i have been in a bad place of my mind at the moment. Its really stuipid and people dont understand that when i get in this mood (For no particular reason) its a struggle to do a lot of things. And this is why i think i have something wrong with me but people say that i am a lazy idiot! 
  • I havent had water in a day or two and i have lost now weight.! 
This is getting me a lil bit angry now so i am gonna stop but please come back next week to see what has changed if anything. Xx