Sunday, 26 July 2015

Back For Good!? Xx

Hey Everyone, How are you all today? 

In England its quite a raining day. I wanted to do some laundry but the whether has gotten in the way of that so, we will just have to move on. 

I'm going to try and start to be a better blogger from now on and i know i probably say that every post but i swear this one is different, I got a bit of inspiration from a YouTuber, will leave the link below...

And if you dont know already, i have a channel Called The Zobo Show. I know you are not meant to focus on the number of subscriber you have but it is pretty hard not too! And some how i managed to lose 3 and at the current time i had 158 subscriber so i am down to 155. It did make me feel a bit sad but there is nothing i could have done about it so i have to move on. 

I made a new video yesterday and i was pretty happy with the outcome of the look, here are some of the pictures i took.

And sorry my eyebrow aint the best i just really hate sorting them out but i do need to do that really soon. 
I want to get the video up for tomorrow or Tuesday. 

Now i am off to see my best friend around the corner so see you all back here tomorrow! :D 

The Zobo Show