Saturday, 14 December 2013

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, my name is Zoe and before i start talking i just thought you would like to know a bit more about me...

  • I am 19 years old but i will be 20 on Jan 30th 2014.
  • My fave color is Purple.
  • I have had two jobs but both of them have failed,I really wanted them to work out though.
  • I live with my mum and a brother and sister, I also have a pet guinea pig called Clive and a dog called Lola.

I think that is all i am gonna share with you for the time being. If you want to read more then you are just gonna have to keep coming back to this or follow/subscribe to me! :D 

So i am finally getting to the point of telling you why i am making a blog, the reason behind it is because i have a YouTube channel and i want to make my name known and help people. 

I will be making videos about beauty and plus size fashion(Because i am big), i will be doing lots of mellowdramatic rants that might be funny for you. Its just gonna be an all rounder really.

If you would like to check it out i will leave a links down below and i hope i interest you because i have lots and lots of fun filming theses things and i feel that it is the only thing i can really do with my life. 

I am open to suggestions about video idea and tips of how i can better my skills at video editing. I wont just be on YouTube I will also be doing some reviews and stuff like that on here as well! 

I hope we can become friends and meet someday! Speak to you soon. 

The Zobo Show

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