Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Rush

Hey guys... I told you that i would be back for a chat again. This week is gonna get pretty busy! 

I just have a lot of sorting out to do for my house plus we normally have plenty of people round on Christmas day. So i better get my but in gear as it is only a week away.

This is how my day is gonna go and i shall let you know how it all goes and maybe some pictures of this place if you are lucky.

At the moment it is 3 in the afternoon and i have just woken up at 2pm. The reason for this is because everyday for a while now i have been waking up at a reasonable time but i have been tired throughout the day. I thought if i woke up when I am ready then i would get more things done and have more energy. 

After writing this i will be waiting for my mum to return, i will put on a DVD maybe The Polar Express or The Nightmare Before Christmas as they are both classics and wrap the rest on my presents up for people. Then i will try and sort out my room and put my christmas tree up. Then i will head down to the living room where i will get tidy it up again because i did try this the other day but it didnt go very well and basically i need my mums help for this, also i have to put the christmas tree in there as well but no cieling decor because they have been up all year cause i refused to put them down last year and i am the only one that could reach.

I will have to wrap the presents up in there that mum has bought, after that i have to go in the kitchen and put the cieling decor but i might leave that for tomorro. 

This post is getting a bit too long for my liking but i will speak to you guys soon, You will proberly have some nice pictures to view next time. 

Lots of love 
The Zobo Show