Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Clearout

Today was a very long day... First i had to go to the orthodontist but he is always pleasant to me ;) I have to go back in Feb and he said that if i do what he says and put the elastics he have given in the right places then i could be getting them off very very soon. Its weird though because its gonna be another change to my face that i am used to and the idea of them coming off sorta scared just a lil bit!. 

After i came back this is when i wanted to get the decor up and everything sorted out because Christmas is just a week away! Plus i am getting really stressed because a present that i have ordered off of amazon isn't here yet and i want to to be because i just dont want to disappoint anyone. 
But i managed to sort out the living room, mum got very assy with me and started shouting but i didn't shout back i just told her to stop shouting and she eventually stopped because it wasn't helping.
Then she started going on about my guinea pig Clive and because my auntie and mum is asthmatic, he cant be in the living room for Christmas but that's just not fair because nobody should be alone for Christmas. Even pets, and its not my fault that mum decided to bring him home and then my sister didn't even want him anymore so i had to adopt him. she should have thought about it before she bought him home.
This is me and my boy Clive, Don't we look so cute together!

Tonight i will be having something to eat because i am starving, Then i will clean out Clive and it is getting bad on my part, then i think i will have to hover and then do some Christmas wrapping for mum and i will do a before and after pics or you for next time! 

So this is another blog post written, I am writing this every other day so make sure to come back for more!

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Lots of Love 

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